Solid Junckers 2 strip Black oak variation. 14mm x 129mm.

Black Oak is from ancient times known as one of nature’s own products made of oak stored submerged in a bog for centuries. Natural processes cause the oak almost to become black and this characteristic colour gives the wood a very authentic expression. Through a unique colouring technique Junckers has recreated this look and together with the excellent strength properties of the oak a very exclusive product for floors is achieved.

Only £28yd2. RRP £42yd2

Solid Junckers 2 strip ash variation. 22mm x 129mm

Ash is one of the widespread European hardwood species and with its excellent strength properties, the elegant, light appearance combined with the characteristic dark grain pattern, is very desirable as flooring. Over time, the natural ageing gives ash a warm and golden glow.

Only £26yd2. RRP £42.90yd2

price per pack £58.76 covers 2.26 yd2.

18mm engineered oak herringbone. 18/5mm

This oak herringbone is finished in a gloss ali oxide lacquer which is harder wearing than your normal varnish. Its 18mm thick with a 5mm solid top. as you can see the colour and variation throughout the floor is amazing. the boards themselves are 75mm x 550mm x18mm.

Only £29.88yd2. RRP £38.97yd2

price per pack £53.26 covers 1.776 yd2.

engineered oak lacquered 14mm.

This is a 14mm engineered oak plank with great variation and colour throughout as you can see. with being a neutral colour it goes well with and furniture and décor.

Only £20yd2. RRP £35yd2

Price per pack £43.00 covers 2.15yd2

12mm mountain spruce/pine

This is mountain spruce laminate, 12mm thick with an impressive AC5 wear layer and is easily fitted using the drop down click system. with its extra long and extra hard planks this is suitable for commercial and domestic properties.

Only £12.50yd2. RRP £17.99yd2.

price per pack £20.73 cover 1.66yd2.